Where is the location of the wall related to the right-of-way and property lines?

    Based on survey recently conducted by Esi Land Surveying, the wall is typically around 1-foot east of the right-of-way line and on private property.  Please refer to the document library in Plats/Survey. 

    Is there an easement for the wall?

    In review of the plats for Timberline Heights and Orchard at Cherry Creek, a wall easement has not been identified.  Copies of the plats can be found in the document library under Plats/Survey.

    Upon further research, easements were located between property owners and Timberline-The Orchard Homeowners Association from 1985.  These easements have been placed in the document library.

    How was the assessment conducted for the Sundance Hills neighborhood?

    The exhibit for the Sundance Hills District is included in the document library.  In summary, the perimeter properties contributed more than the internal properties.

    What were the City Code requirements for noise wall maintenance at the time the Timberline SID was created?

    An excerpt from the 1994 City Code, as well as the current code, can be found in the document library.

    Who initiated the construction of the wall?

    Residents of the Timberline/Orchard neighborhood initiated the construction of the wall.

    Why were the pre-existing brick columns kept?

    Due to concerns with costs by residents, a request was made to keep the columns.  Stamped plans were submitted to the City showing the use of the columns with new brick panels and new secondary columns.  The City accepted these plans and construction proceeded based on this.

    What was the City's role in the SID and wall?

    The City created the SID based on the petition submitted, and provided the management and field observations of the construction of the project based on the purpose of the District.

    Are any field observations / inspections available from the original construction?

    In accordance with records retention policies, the file for the construction of the wall was destroyed in 2009.

    Who was responsible to record the creation of the SID?

    The City was responsible to record the Ordinance.  The lack of recording did not relieve the requirement to pay the assessment.

    What repairs are needed to the wall?

    Following the October 22, 2018 meeting, the City retained Atkinson-Noland to provide a report to identify suggested repairs to the wall based on their prior field visit and site observations.  Their recommendations include: repair corroded reinforcement, rebuild pre-existing columns exhibiting cracking, replace cracked bricks and repair cracked joints, and install anchors at wall to column connections.  The report can be found in the document library under General Documents/Reports/Studies.  This is a conceptual study based on prior site observations, and should not be construed as a final design and cost estimate.