What will be included in the Transportation Master Plan?

    The Plan will (1) analyze current and future transportation conditions, (2) establish goals and objectives for the transportation system, (3) provide innovative and context-specific strategies that are inclusive of all modes of transportation, such as automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, and transit, etc., and (4) utilize performance measures that can identify the effectiveness of the transportation system. 

    Why is the Village developing a Transportation Master Plan now? What about the 1998 Transportation Master Plan?

    Over the last 20-years, the Village has implemented the majority of the recommendations laid out in the 1998 Transportation Plan. You can find more information about these projects and the 1998 Transportation Plan on this site.

    The region has experienced significant growth over the last 20 years, and the growth is expected to continue. Denver South Transportation Management Association forecasts indicate that by 2035 (compared to 2014), employment will increase by 50% and households by 100% along the south I-25 corridor (Hampden Avenue to Ridgegate Parkway).

    Given the continued growth in the region, now is the time for a new transportation plan. Based on the results of the four most recent citizen surveys (2006, 2008, 2012 and 2014), traffic is the number one concern for citizens in Greenwood Village.

    What are the steps being taken to develop the Plan? How long will it take to develop?

    The planning process can be broken down into multiple phases which will take place over approximately 18 months:

    ·  Existing conditions analysis

    ·  Refining goals and objectives for the transportation system

    ·  Future conditions analysis

    ·  Identifying and analyzing strategies and expected outcomes

    ·  Identifying performance measures to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies throughout the coming years

    ·  Producing the Transportation Master Plan document

    Public engagement and input will be sought throughout the process, with public meetings at key milestones. 

    Who is involved in Greenwood Village Connects?

    Community input will be a driving force in the process, and the Village will be seeking input, ideas, aspirations and collaboration throughout the Plan’s development. Greenwood Village Connects is being led by the Village’s Department of Public Works in close coordination with the City Council, the City Manager and other Village Departments. The Village has also enlisted the professional consulting services of Fehr & Peers and GBSM to assist with the development of the Transportation Master Plan. 

    Will the Plan take into account surrounding areas outside of Greenwood Village?

    Transportation for Greenwood Village doesn’t stop at its boundaries. The Plan will also examine how the Village’s transportation system connects to the larger, regional system. The Village will be working in coordination with neighboring municipalities and agencies, including CDOT and RTD, to make sure identified strategies will connect with the regional transportation system.

    How will a Transportation Master Plan take into account future growth in the region?

    The Transportation Master Plan will serve as a guide for meeting the Village’s transportation goals while preserving the essential character of the Village. The Plan will ensure that Greenwood Village has a strategy for its transportation system to manage existing and future transportation conditions.  

    What innovative transportation ideas will be considered in this plan?

    All ideas that could help accomplish the goals of the transportation system, as established through public outreach, will be considered. The transportation landscape continues to change at a rapid rate. Transportation Network Companies, (TNCs), such as Uber and Lyft, social media, smartphones, autonomous vehicles, etc. are redefining how people evaluate getting to and from their destinations. This plan will analyze how these emerging mobility trends will impact transportation in and around the Village, and the adaptability of the system for future conditions.

    How much does the development of the Plan cost? Who is paying for it?

    The budget for Greenwood Village Connects is approximately $250,000. Funding is provided through the Greenwood Village General Fund, as appropriated by City Council.

    How will the Plan become finalized?

    It is expected that following an approximately 18-month process of technical analysis and collaboration with the community, the completed Transportation Master Plan will be recommended to City Council for adoption.

    When will recommendations from the Plan be implemented?

    As part of the planning process, the recommended projects will be prioritized within the Plan document into nearer-term and longer-term implementation.  Through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process, funds will be appropriated by City Council, to the projects over time. The Plan will be a ‘living’ document that is updated continuously through performance measures. The Village will work with the community throughout the process to implement the Plan.

    How can I get involved?

    Community input is a key part of the planning process. Input and ideas will be gathered throughout the process through a series of large and small meetings, online engagement and more. The project team will coordinate closely with elected officials, residents, local business owners and other community members to ensure the Plan collectively reflects area needs and values. For more information on input opportunities, go to www.GreenwoodVillageConnects.com, call the project hotline at 303-804-4109, or email GVConnects@GreenwoodVillage.com.