What should I do when I see a coyote?

    Haze the coyote by yelling and waving your arms while approaching the coyote and  scream “Go Away Coyote."  Use noisemakers such as whistles, air horns, bells, pots, or pans to scare the coyote with sound. Use projectiles by exhibiting power with walking sticks, small rocks, and rubber balls. Continue to haze the coyote until it leaves the area.

    Can coyotes jump my 6 foot fence?

    Most fences and garden walls will not deter coyotes from entering onto your property. A good rule of thumb is that anything a cat can get through or over, a coyote can, too.

    Can coyotes be trapped and relocated?

    Relocation is stressful and unsuccessful for a coyote due to the increase in competition with the existing resident wildlife for food and shelter.

    There is an increased possibility of spreading disease and parasites into an unaffected area from the newly introduced animal. Coyotes may be live trapped on private property but must be killed once captured.

    When are coyotes most active?

    Coyotes are especially active at dawn and dusk. Coyotes are more active in the months of May through November.

    When are coyotes in their dens?

    Coyotes only utilize dens in April when the female coyote is preparing to give birth to her pups. Coyotes will sometimes use decks or patios as dens. Coyotes will often move their pups from den to den to keep them protected.

    Who do I call when coyotes are in the area?

    Always haze a coyote even if it seems non-confrontational, and then call the Police Department at 303-773-2525 to report any sightings or interactions with coyotes.  You may also report a coyote sighting at www.greenwoodvillage.com.

    How do I keep a coyote from returning to my property?

    Remove all food sources from out of reach of the coyote such as access to garbage, pet food, water, dog bones, and compost piles should not be accessible.  Bird feeders attract coyotes to the neighborhood.

    Additionally, when your pet has been away from your yard for an extended period, check to ensure there are no signs that coyotes have been visiting the area.

    Where can additional resources be found for coyotes?

     Colorado Parks and Wildlife


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