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Please provide feedback for the proposed median improvements.

11 months ago

Consultation has concluded

  • csleonhardt 11 months ago
    I would like to request that you do not include in the median any trees that will grow tall, but stick to shrubs and dwarf trees. One of Greenwood Village's greatest assets is the fantastic mountain views as one travels west on either Orchard or Belleview. We have lived in Greenwood Village for 25 years off of Orchard, east of I-25. Years ago we enjoyed beautiful views as we walked or drove on Orchard. I am saddened that so many trees (evergreen and deciduous) have been planted along the sides of Orchard and in the median, and that they have been allowed to grow tall blocking the spectacular view of Mount Evans. Please do not do that to Belleview.
    • dfoster 11 months ago
      Hello, we are working on the plant selections for the medians and are taking into consideration the height of trees and the beautiful views of the mountains as one drives west on Belleview. We have a variety of smaller tree species that we will locate as to avoid blocking these views. Taller trees will also be utilized and located strategically to avoid blocking these views. Thank you for your input on this project.Dave FosterParks Project Manager